About Niko & Me

Hello there and welcome! I'm Iris, owner of Niko & Me.

​An idea was born on December 2019. ​When I met Niko in 2016 for the first time, I knew I would be connected to him in every way humanly possible. I suppose it was those kind 'old soul' eyes he was born with that drew me in. Who knows, but Niko was the best German Rottweiler that ever lived.

He died suddenly while away on vacation in July 2019 and his death has left a huge hole in my soul. An idea came to life to make a dog bandana. The idea was so strong that I was determined to see this through because I know he would've approved. Hence, Niko & Me was born. Two years later, this idea to make dog bandanas and other accessories has come to its fruition and to honor his name!

My hope is that with each piece made, a little bit of Niko is embedded in the very fiber of each item.

This website will be constantly evolving to include tips and tricks for the care of your pet. It could also include some 'hooman' stuff too. :)~

Stay tuned and thank you for your support!